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Chiropractic Care

At Bazin chiropractic office we believe in finding the cause of your problem, not just
temporarily eliminating the symptoms. That’s why our first visit is so important. First, we will
do a detailed history of your issues. Then we will do a chiropractic examination that focuses
on your spinal function, which may be causing your problem. In-house digital X-ray may be
taken to analyze the areas of the spine responsible for your decreased function (we call these
vertebral subluxations). A follow up visit will be scheduled to explain what was revealed
during the examination, and a treatment plan will be discussed to get you back to living the life
you deserve.

Chiropractic treatment consists of spinal adjustments to correct vertebral subluxations.
There are many ways to adjust the spine. If a more gentle approach is desired, please let the
doctors know. There are many low force adjusting techniques that are very effective. Follow
up exercises and home rehabilitation is often recommended to enhance your experience, and
allow for long term stabilization and correction of your spine.

Corporate Wellness

The health of a company isn’t just a reflection of its bottom line – the wellness of its
employees can create huge impact felt in every corner of a business. At Bazin Chiropractic
Office we love working with local companies to offer Chiropractic services to their teams. We
offer lunch and learn programs for your large, or small company. One of our doctors will come
to your office and speak to your group on a health topic. We will even bring a healthy meal for
your employees to enjoy.

Chiropractic Student Training

Mentorship, shadowing and training for Chiropractic students worldwide

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